Pierobon X60R Part 1

Finally, it’s time for us to start our first building project! We’ve thought about what model to build and of course it’s going to be a Pierobon since we are resellers for them. Since the founder and former owner of NF Racing, Mikkel Torp, built a Pierobon FO42, it was obvious that we would build the next model in the Pierobon family - the Pierobon X60R

The Pierobon X60R is based on a Ducati 2 valve-engine. We have decided to use the Ducati 1000 DS engine which currently  is at Desmolab in Norway. The owner of Desmolab, Patrik Holmberg, is going to review and refine the engine with some ”goodies”. We are looking for an engine with good driving ability which is not too trimmed because we don’t want the servis intervals to become too exaggerated . What Desmolab will do is to fine balance the crankshaft as well as put in a Ducati-Kämna camshaft. They will also upgrade the gearbox to a more compact variant from a Ducati 999.

We will also complete our building project with a slipper clutch and as we are resellers for Adige of course we will use an APTC DU-120. This is a well-proven and a well recognized slipper clutch who many drivers of Ducati use when they drive both on tracks and on country roads.

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We are really looking forward to sharing our project with you and we will update the blog during our work with this building project!

All the best!! /Peter & Tommy